Flow State Protocol

Hack the flow state and work with unbreakable focus, so you can get done in 2 hours what most people do in 2 days

Most Productivity Advice Is Outdated...

Most productivity advice makes you believe you don't do enough.

Motivational speakers and 'hustle culture' tell you to wake up at 5 AM...

... Never take time off

... And work 60+ hours a week if you want to be successful

But that's outdated and ineffective advice.

The key to peak productivity is not to work more hours...

But to get more done in the hours that you work.

As Gary Keller wrote in The One Thing:

"The people who achieve extraordinary results don’t achieve them by working more hours … They achieve them by getting more done in the hours they work.”

In today's knowledge economy, your productivity depends much less on the number of hours you work...

... And much more on the depth of your focus, mental clarity, creativity, and brain power.

That's why mastering the flow state is an essential skill for professional success in the 21st century.

When in the flow state, you unlock the full performance potential of your brain.

As the brain enters deep concentration, information gets processed much faster, problem-solving capacity improves, and creative breakthroughs flow effortlessly.

(That's why some people call flow 'the zone of genius'.)

Studies even found that working in a flow state boosts productivity by 400 - 500%.

Simply put, by working in the flow state, you can do in 2 hours what most others do in one or two full workdays.

That's why Steve Jobs designed Apple’s workspaces to optimize flow...

Why Richard Branson said he can "accomplish tremendous things in two hours of flow..."

And why Isaac Newton wrote his Principia Mathematica in a flow state.

But Getting Into The Flow State Is More Difficult Than Ever Before...

We live in a world where distractions and instant gratification are always just one click, swipe, or notification away...

Most tech companies and app developers have learned how to hijack your attention on a neurological level.

They have purposefully designed their apps, devices, or websites to make it as addictive as possible.

The more you use their products, the more money they make.

Your attention is their business model.

They make their products so addicting by leveraging a neurochemical called dopamine.

Whenever you scroll through social media, use your smartphone, or check the news, your brain releases a lot of dopamine...

The stronger the dopamine release, the more your brain will urge you to seek out these distractions.

Our work, however, doesn't provide nearly as much dopamine (and as easy) as most distractions do.

That's why it seems to get harder and harder to get things done, focus on our work, and make progress towards our goals.

Our brain's reward circuits have been hijacked...

... and it's keeping us from being our most productive and best-performing selves.

This is the real problem we're facing - and it's only getting worse:

  • ​A Microsoft study found that our attention spans​ dropped by 34% since the year 2000 (since smartphones & social media)
  • ​Research by RescueTime showed the average​ knowledge worker gets distracted every 6 to 8 minutes and wastes 5+ hours per day on digital distractions​
  • ​​A McKinsey study showed the average person spends less than 5% of their week in flow

All in all, in today's distracted workplace, the ability to focus deeply for multiple hours a day is a true superpower.

And that's why I created the Flow State Protocol - a 21-day program designed to help you become your most focused & productive self.

What Other People Say

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- Philip Hofmacher
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“I've been implementing your ideas and I can immediately see the impact on my productivity.”

- Kareem Elsayed
(Entrepreneur, Ex-Google)

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"Most people tell you to hustle more to reach your goals, but Jari is all about working smarter. His teachings helped me focus more and take my business to the next level while having more time for my private life as well."

- Sinem Günel
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The Flow State Protocol Curriculum

Week 1:

The Flow State Formula

In These 7 Days, You'll Learn:

  • ​How ​to enter the flow state and operate at peak mental performance for 2 - 4 hours a day
  • Why working longer hours is no longer the key to success​ in today's knowledge economy (and what is)
  • How to unlock the full potential of your brain & boost productivity by 400 - 500%

Week 2:

Conquering The 3 Enemies of Focus

In These 7 Days, You'll Learn:

  • How to become bulletproof to digital distractions so you'll regain 2+ hours of deep focus each day
  • How to develop monk-like mental clarity so you can maximize your productivity
  • ​5​ Habits​ to quickly get rid of 'brain fog' so you can supercharge your cognitive ​performance
  • The 7-minute morning routine I personally follow to boost my energy, focus & brain performance for the entire day

Week 3:

Flow State Triggers & Focus Optimizers

In These 7 Days, You'll Learn:

  • The optimal time in the day to do deep, focused work (and the worst time of the day for focus & concentration)
  • The 4 flow state 'triggers' that automatically nudge your brain into a powerful state of deep concentration
  • ​How to create more clarity, purpose & meaning in your work to unlock peak motivation & focus
  • ​The 5 most effective brain supplements for deep concentration and maximum cognitive performance (scientifically proven)

You'll Also Get These 3 Bonuses

Bonus 1:

The Procrastination Cure

In This Bonus Course, You'll Learn:

  • How to break the procrastination habit using cutting-edge productivity techniques from neuroscience
  • Why lack of motivation or low self-discipline is not the reason you procrastinate (and why we procrastinate instead)
  • How I went from chronic procrastinator to consistent action-taker in just 5 simple steps
  • How to train your brain to enjoy doing hard things (instead of always choosing instant gratification)

Bonus 2:

The Peak Productivity Planner

(Digital Version)

This Bonus Includes:

  • ​A digital version​ of the popular Peak Productivity Planner
  • Two fillable .PDF files you can use to plan your days and weeks for optimal productivity
  • Compatible on all devices (desktop, smartphone, tablets)

Bonus 3:

The Brain Optimization Protocol

In These Bonus Guides, You'll Learn:

  • How to trigger the power of 'neuroplasticity' to build a high-performing superbrain
  • Which foods and brain supplements boost memory, focus, and cognitive performance
  • How to eliminate brain fog in just 5 minutes with one simple neuroscience-based productivity hack
  • 7 highly common habits to stop ASAP, as they damage brain health and kill your brain cells

Flow State Protocol Is Based On Cutting-Edge Neuroscience From Leading Institutions

The University of Sydney found a 430% increase in problem solving capacity when in a flow state.

A 10-Year McKinsey study found a 500% increase in productivity when working in the flow state.

Advanced Brain Monitoring found a 490% increase in learning and skill acquisition when in flow.

Harvard found subjects to have 3 days of heightened creativity after being in a flow state.

Join Flow State Protocol And You'll Get

Full Course: 34+ Videos

4 hours of video material teaching you the exact tools, routines, and productivity hacks to supercharge your focus, so you can complete a week's worth of work in just one day.

Bonus 1: The Procrastination Cure

7 bonus videos to quickly conquer procrastination using cutting-edge productivity strategies from neuroscience.

Bonus 2: Peak Productivity Planner (Digital)

Become the most productive version of yourself with the digital version of the popular Peak Productivity Planner.

Bonus 3: Brain Optimization Protocol

Bonus guides with the most effective tools, habits & supplements to build a high-performing superbrain.

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Hi, I'm Jari Roomer

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I've been researching the neuroscience behind flow and peak mental performance for 8+ years, and helped hundreds of high-achievers get more done in less time.

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