The Procrastination Antidote

From procrastinator to consistent action-taker in 21 days using science-based productivity techniques from psychology, neuroscience & biohacking

The #1 Myth About Procrastination...

In my early 20s, I was a massive procrastinator.

I would have big goals and dreams - but on a day-to-day basis, not much was getting done.

After years of zero progress on my goals, I started to believe that I just wasn't motivated or disciplined enough to achieve big things.

I thought a lack of willpower or low motivation was my problem...

And this is something most people believe.

They say things like:

  • "I want to exercise more, but I'm just not disciplined enough"
  • "I want to start my own business, but I lack the motivation to follow through"
  • "I want to be more consistent with my habits, but I just lack the willpower"

But here's the thing...

Procrastination Doesn't Come From A Lack of Willpower Or Low Motivation...

You procrastinate because your brain is designed to help you survive, not thrive.

It's programmed to keep you safe, avoid discomfort, and preserve energy.

So if something costs a lot of energy or effort (such as going to the gym), your brain tries to convince you NOT to do it.

... If something is risky and could lead to failure (such as starting a business), your brain will come up with fears & excuses to talk you out of it.

... And if something is boring, complex, or frustrating (like most of our daily tasks), your brain will seek fun distractions and cheap pleasures instead.

In other words, if you procrastinate more than you'd like, please realize...

❌ The problem isn't you.

🧠 The problem is that your brain is designed to procrastinate.

It's programmed to avoid pain and seek pleasure - and to choose instant rewards over delayed rewards.

But don't worry...

We can bypass our brain's programming using simple tools and routines from neuroscience, psychology, and biohacking.

(And that's exactly what you'll learn in The Procrastination Antidote.)

When You Get Rid Of Procrastination, You Unlock Your Highest-Performing Self...

Learning to conquer procrastination is an essential skill for personal- and professional success.

Dozens of studies show that non-procrastinators tend to...

πŸ’΅ Make more money...

πŸŽ“ Have better academic performance...

πŸš€ Achieve more professional success...

πŸ’ͺ Be in better physical health...

... Compared to their peers who procrastinate more often.

And this is no surprise.

Your ability to consistently get things done - whether in your work, studies, or personal life - directly influences your level of success.

I experienced this as well.

Once I conquered procrastination, my productivity went through the roof - and I finally achieved those big goals I set for myself:

βœ… Grow my online business from zero​ to ​$11,000 a month

βœ… Write and self-publish a book (The Peak Productivity Method)

βœ… Go from unknown content creator to 5+ million content views

βœ… Become a top writer in 20+ categories on

βœ… Get in the best shape of my life and train for endurance events (Spartan obstacle races & IronMan triathlon)

All in all, procrastination is the number one obstacle holding people back from unleashing their full potential and accomplishing what they want in life.

And that's why I created The Procrastination Antidote.

This 21-day science-based course will help you completely eliminate procrastination from your life, so you can become your most productive and highest-performing self.

Hi, I'm Jari Roomer

I'm the founder of Peak Productivity. We help high-achievers supercharge their productivity using science-based tools, routines & habits.

I've been researching the psychology and neuroscience of procrastination for 10+ years, and combined the best practices in this course.

My work has gathered 5+ million views on Medium and has been featured in Foundr Magazine, Forbes, and The Huffington Post.

What You'll Learn In The Procrastination Antidote

πŸ“ˆ How To Stop Procrastinating & Become A True Action-Taker

Say goodbye to your inner procrastinator and become known as the 'action taker' among your friends, family, and co-workers

🧠 How To Train Your Brain To Enjoy Doing Hard Things

Master the neuroscience of self-discipline and rewire your brain to enjoy being productive more than being lazy

πŸ“² How To Become Bulletproof To Distractions

Stop wasting hours a day on social media, smartphones, or other distractions - and protect yourself against dopamine 'hijacking'

πŸ‘₯ Discover Your Unique Procrastination Type

Discover which of the 10 types of procrastinators you are and find the right 'motivational triggers' most effective specifically for you

πŸ“š How To Build New Habits (That Actually Stick)

Copy the evidence-based formula to reliably build new habits and quickly get rid of unhealthy- or unproductive habits holding you back in life

πŸ“ How To Unlock The Most Productive Version of Yourself

Learn the most effective habits, tools & routines highly productive people use daily to get more done (in less time)

The Course Curriculum

Module 1:

Procrastination, Motivation & Self-Discipline 101

In This Module, You'll Learn:

βœ… What 99% of people get wrong about motivation (the motivation myth) and how it destroys their productivity

βœ… How to consistently act in alignment with your long-term goals by rewiring your brain's instant gratification bias

βœ… Discover the root cause of procrastination (and no, it's not motivation, willpower, or time-management)

βœ… The #1 productivity 'secret' highly disciplined people use daily to consistently tackle their most important tasks

Module 2:

Psychology - The 10 Procrastination Archetypes

In This Module, You'll Learn:

βœ… Which type of procrastinator you are (out of the 10 different procrastination archetypes)

βœ… Discover the unique 'motivational triggers' most effective for your procrastination archetype

βœ… 7 Science-based productivity techniques to conquer procrastination & get more done in less time

βœ… How to overcome limiting beliefs such as self-doubt, perfectionism, fear of failure, and impostor syndrome

Module 3:

Neuroscience - How To Rewire Your Brain For Peak Productivity

In This Module, You'll Learn:

βœ… Why your brain is designed to procrastinate (and how to rewire it using 4 'neuroplasticity' habits)

βœ… How to leverage the neurochemical 'dopamine' to pursue your goals with focus & motivation

βœ… The 5 brain-hacking strategies to train your brain to enjoy taking massive action & doing hard things

βœ… How to protect yourself from 'dopamine hijacking', which big tech uses to get you addicted to digital distractions (social media, video games, etc.)

What Others Said About Our Courses

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"This course will get you out of your chair and start doing things!"

- Natasja Wagemakers

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"Jari's productivity advice is invaluable. He knows his stuff."

- Corey Fradin


β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

What an excellent course! Full of actionable tips and it covers everything you could ask about productivity."

- Cait Mack

(Writer & Sales Specialist)

Why The Procrastination Antidote?

🧬 Scientifically-Based Approach

Instead of sticking to basic productivity tips, we'll dive deep into the psychology and neuroscience of procrastination, so you'll get rid of it once and for all

πŸ“Š Personalized Anti-Procrastination Plan

Everyone’s different. We get that. That's why we help you discover your unique procrastination type, so you can apply the right productivity techniques most effective for you

πŸ—“οΈ 21-Day Structured Program

This course is specifically created to help you conquer procrastination in 21 days through short videos (5-10 minutes each), practical exercises, and daily challenges to get you real results

Join Today And You'll Receive Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus 1 - $297 Value

Habit-Building Protocol (Full Course)

In This Bonus Course, You'll Learn:

βœ… The science-based formula to build long-lasting habits and routines in 21 days

βœ… How to tap into the 'habit loop' to quickly break unhealthy- or unproductive habits holding you back in life

βœ… What psychologists say is the #1 mistake people make when trying to build new habits

βœ… How to 'hack' your habits, so you don't need crazy self-discipline or willpower to succeed

Bonus 2 - $29 Value

Peak Productivity Planner (Digital Version)

About This Bonus:

βœ… A digital version​ of the popular Peak Productivity Planner to schedule your days and weeks for optimal productivity

βœ… Compatible on all devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet)

Bonus 3 - $147 Value

Personal Anti-Procrastination Plan

About This Bonus:

βœ… A personal 21-day anti-procrastination plan based on your unique procrastination archetype

βœ… In downloadable PDF format (compatible on all devices)

βœ… Daily challenges and practical action points to stop procrastinating and take massive action on your goals & priorities

What Others Say About Our Courses

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"Getting better results in less time is what every entrepreneur is dreaming of, and Jari is exactly the kind of person that can make this a reality. He took my productivity to a completely new level."

- Philip Hofmacher
(Founder Freedom Business)

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

β€œI've been implementing your ideas and I can immediately see the impact on my productivity.”

- Kareem Elsayed
(Entrepreneur, Ex-Google)

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…

" Jari's teachings helped me get more done and take my business to the next level while having more time for my private life as well."

- Sinem GΓΌnel
(Founder MWA)

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